NH Minecraft Update Dec 2011

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NoobHero has entered the World of Minecraft!

Our veteran community member and moderator “Jeto” recently set up a survival server for us (complete with great mods) to play on! Several community members have already built some awesome stuff on the server, and we have started to explore the endless landscape of pixilated awesomeness! 😀

Jaxic has built a life size super Mario level (complete with lava and secret rooms) for visitors to run through! I’ve died several times trying to get through it, and can say from experience it’s pretty cool. : )

Torg’s Castle is still only 20% built, but it towers over the surrounding area!

Jeto and Mikanee have been hard at work as well with Jaxic and Torg to create some secreted towns and castles in the wilderness of the server. We’ve had a lot of fun, and welcome you to visit the server and help out!

Check out our Minecraft forums for more information and to request access to the server if you are interested in playing with us.

Happy Crafting!



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