2011 Hallow’s End Costume Party and Competition!

So… For the past two years on US-Moon Guard, I have hosted a “Hallow’s End Costume Party and Competition at Ravenholdt Manor.”

The parties were extremely popular (estimated 150 guests over the course of the event) and I have been debating hosting a party for the third year in a row. I am quite busy IRL, but would absolutely love to plan and run another party/competition if some people are interested in it!
If you have been to past years’ parties and you are stopping by to check for information, please stay posted! Check out noobhero on facebook, and i’ll be posting information if and when I get some details on a party ironed out. Things will be on a bit shorter notice, but for now I imagine the party being Saturday October 29th at 10:00pm Server Time (US Central).
There will be gold and other prizes for the best costumes (3 winners for male characters and female characters separately, and an overall winnner) as well as tons of hallow’s end fun with the residents of Moon Guard! Both factions are invited as usual, but the costume competition will only be Horde side.
Please let me know if you would be interested in attending! If you don’t have a higher character on Moon Guard, you should just make a low level character or a death knight, and walk to Ravenholdt to join in on the fun. 🙂
More info soon!
(please ignore the dates and gold amounts)

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