Enjin.com Plans And Pricing

Hey Everyone,
I recently helped get a conversation started on the enjin.com forums about a change in plans and pricing for communities, clans and guilds. This issue affects our community in a real way ($$), and if you have a minute I would sincerely appreciate you sharing your thoughts on the matter on the enjin forums. Enjin.com powers NoobHero.NET, our community forum website. Link to the thread topic below.
I join the conversation on the second page.
“Very interesting discussion, and an important topic in my opinion. The gap in plans was one of the first things I noticed when I signed up for enjin several years ago, and I have run into serious issues all the time with the limit on modules I have a LOT I’d like to do with my site, but can’t because I keep having to delete modules and re-prioritize when I would much rather pay extra to include everything I want and need.” -Torg
Once again, I appreciate your thoughts on the subject and support in the forums. Don’t worry about commenting there unless you have a serious and positive comment to make. Remember that you represent our community on enjin.com!
Thanks, you guys rock.
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