Guise of the Wolf – Worst Game of 2014 So Far?


TotalBiscuit takes a look at a recently released “Gothic action adventure game” from FUN Creators. This is wonderfully painful to watch… This miiight just be the worst game of 2014 so far. I’m not sure what will beat a 0.6 Metacritic user score (critic review score  unavailable as of the posting of this article). I think TB might have been a little bit harsh here on a few points, but overall the game does look pretty ridiculous. $15 is outrageous for a game of this quality. Take a look and prepare to facepalm.

Also note that apparently the developer FUN Creators has been silencing (or attempting to, anyway) bad reviews and negative videos related to the game. Some review videos have been hit for copyright violation and some users on steam have reported being silenced. I can understand their intention, as this seems to be the first and only game developed by the company, but this is only going to hurt them in the long run. Admit your game sucks, and improve it!

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MetaCritic (SOURCE)

Gamebreaker (SOURCE)

FUN Creators (SOURCE)

Guise of the Wolf Facebook (SOURCE)

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