SWTOR: Fan Friday August 12th

Happy Friday, NoobHeroes! The SWTOR fan Friday update is here, we look forward to this every week. Thanks for visiting! 🙂

SWTOR.com Fan Friday August 12th
This week’s blog post has some interesting goodies! If you’re looking for updates on game-play features, then you will be disappointed, but there are some random things that are mildly entertaining. Here’s a list: (Click the stuff in quotes!)
  • The Old Republic at GamesCon 2011” – Info about TOR at GamesCom (duh)
  • “Community Creations” – Awesome community fan art!
  • Fan Site Spotlight: Chimaera” – this week, French guild “Chimaera” is featured with a Q&A on swtor.com’s fan friday blog post. (not to be confused with “Chimera”… apparently “Chimaera” is a fish. who knew? thank you google.)
  • “Wallpapers!” – There are some awesome desktop background clips from the cinematic trailers! This is my favorite! “Torg’s Favorite!
  • “Forum Phrases” – swtor.com has released a few common English phrases translated into Aurebesh, the common writing style used throughout the Star Wars galaxy.
  • “User Polls” – According to one of the most popular user polls, “What most excites you about pre-ordering SWTOR?” The most popular answer? Early game access of course!
More Wallpapers: Click Me!
As always, SWTOR’s Fan Friday proves that there are a ton of people super excited for this game. (that hasn’t even announced an official set release date!) This is a good sign for those of us hoping that SWTOR will emerge as one of the top MMO’s in the next year. Can’t wait to play it!
– Torg
Original “Star Wars: The Old Republic Fan Friday” blog post:
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