Whats Next For Bungie Studios?

Of course we’ve all heard of Halo (if you haven’t… I’m not sure we can be friends anymore , haha! but seriously -.- ). Some of my fondest gaming memories involve Xbox live or LAN parties with my friends, with a bunch of linked Xboxes playing Halo together in the den. Regardless of your personal feelings or experience with Halo, no one can deny the astounding success Bungie has had with the franchise, but what comes next for Bungie?
Bungie cannot keep remaking versions of Halo forever… The title is greatly beloved, but Bungie should not overdose the world on “new” versions of their franchise, instead they should move on to something completely new and original. They finally seem to realize this and the gaming world will surely benefit from their efforts!
New Bungie Game: Codenamed “Tiger”
According to GameSpot.com and a few other sources, Bungie Studios is working on a new game under the ownership of Activision that is, for now, codenamed “Tiger.” All that has leaked so far is a logo and a (rumored to be legit) screenshot.

“When Bungie signed a 10-year exclusive publishing deal with Activision in April 2010, the developer said it was working on an entirely new universe for multiple platforms. Since then, Bungie has confirmed the game will run on an all-new engine and likened it to a massively multiplayer title. Now, the developer has shed new light on the project, confirming it is currently in development under the working name “Tiger” and is related to a familiar logo.” (Read the full article HERE)

– Eddie Makuch, GameSpot Posted Aug 4, 2011 11:08 am PT

Now, if you have an hour to blow (just watch the first few minutes, and skim through the rest), this is a great video about Bungie Studios and the Halo franchise (as well as the other games Bungie has developed). Check it out!

“You might not see people playing games because its practiced in their own homes, but everybody is doing it.”
-Adam Sessler – Host – G4 TV’s X-Play

“It’s such an important cultural ideal here, that this studio owns what it creates.”
-Eric Osborne – Writer & Community Development, Bungie Inc.

“Independence was the only thing that was going to be able to allow us to do what we wanted to do.” -Pete Parsons – CEO, Bungie Inc.

“You know me. When I make a promise…” –Master Chief

“…You keep it.” –Cortana
Let’s hope Bungie can live up to our expectations. Give us your best, Bungie! We can’t wait to see what comes next.
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