WoW Update – 7/27/2011

Because this is indeed my first NoobHero news article for WoW, this information might seem like old news, but I wanted to write it up regardless!

One of the biggest things new to WoW that I think is notable is the RealID group feature that allows you to invite RealID friends’ characters of the same faction on other servers to a group. This allows you to queue up together for dungeons in the shared level range of both characters, or just chat. I think this feature is great!
[RealID Group]

Another update for any Android users out there: WoW Armory app is now available on Android! Now all you android users can blankly stare at your character’s armory sheet while you’re… I dunno, sitting on the toilet? Mobile Armory is an app I use when I literally have nothing else to do, I am stranded somewhere and have visited every other app on my phone. I mean… hooray for Android-ers!
[Yay For Android Users…?]

In older news, obviously the Firelands raid has finally been released, along with a few new quests that took like an hour to go through (to unlock the rounds of daily quests). Though they were nothing special, I suppose they were entertaining. At least it was something new after 8 months, right? The quests were entertaining and you get some nice goodies as a reward. Why thrall had to marry some random orc chick, I don’t know, but whatever!

Firelands World Firsts:

Ragnaros 25(H): “DREAM Paragon” EU-Lightning’s Blade
Ragnaros 25: “Enigma” US-Deathwing
Ragnaros 10(H): “DREAM Paragon” EU-Lightning’s Blade
Ragnaros 10:  “Enigma” US-Deathwing

(I’m a bit unsure about the original Rag 10man kill, if you know the above records are wrong, let me know please! At this point, it’s slightly difficult to be sure, I found conflicting records or no records at all, but i’m sure someone reading this would love to help me out here!)

For your viewing pleasure, I have for you the world first Heroic 25man “DREAM Paragon” Ragnaros kill! This fight looks EPIC. Congrats Paragon!

Now this following video is an optional view, BUT, i’ve been keeping tabs on this for nearly two years now so I thought I would share it just in case it actually turns out to be good. This is a short teaser for “The RAID” WoW Documentary.

I admit, I facepalmed pretty hard listening to what these people say in the video (If you follow WoW, you might recognize people like Lore and Ciderhelm from Tankspot) but I must admit, explaining why raiding in or even just playing an MMO is fun is pretty difficult and/or a lost cause in the vast majority of cases. Trying to explain to people who are not into gaming, or who just plain don’t care can be very frustrating. I normally just avoid the subject in conversation apart from my gaming friends (which is tragic, because sometimes you spend lots of time with people who are into the same games as you are, without even knowing!) If you’re reading this, I probably don’t need to defend myself to you or further explain what I just wrote, so I wont try to!


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