NH League of Legends Update Dec 2011

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Hey NoobHero!

Our community recently had the opportunity to host and recruit a League of Legends 5-man team that will be the first team to play under the name “Team NH.”

Our roster includes:

Solo Top: Aaron(Enimie)
Solo Mid: Chris(KangarooBeStoned)
AD Carry: Gage(Diomus)
Support: Adam(Trelaquin)
Jungle: Sid(IcyHotSauce)

— Subs —

Solo Mid/Support: Kyle(n4p0l30n)
Solo Mid: Logan(tortio)

If you’re interested in trying out for the team or being an alternate, contact Sid-IcyHotSauce, our Team Captain and League of Legends Moderator.

If you just want to discuss League with us and practice with other members, visit our League of Legends forum page! We’d be happy to give you advice, share VODs, link streams and talk strategy!


– Torg
NoobHero Lead Administrator


(Interested in being a NH LoL Forum Moderator? Contact an Administrator!)

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