NH SCII & WoW Update Dec 2011

Hello NoobHero!

Due to the amount of activity in the SWTOR, Minecraft and League of Legends segments of our community, I must admit that StarCraft and World of Warcraft have been neglected!

Both of these games are widely loved and played by our community members but we do not have an official presence in either game at the moment. We would like to expand the community with a NA WoW guild or NA StarCraft2 clan, so if you are interested in either starting a guild or clan or joining our community with an existing guild or clan, please contact an administrator! We can offer a supportive community, publicity and a reliable website to host guild and clan forums. We also have voice servers for member use!

Also, if you or someone you know offers (star craft) coaching services or is recruiting for their clan or guild, then inform them that they are welcome to post a recruitment or advertising thread in our forums. NoobHero currently gets around 150 unique hits a day and that number is expected to go up quite a bit in the near future!

Thanks for reading, I appreciate your interest in NoobHero! Happy New Year!




Lead Admin

(Interested in being a NH SC2 or NH WoW Forum Moderator? Contact an Administrator!)

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