StarCraft 2: Free Starter Edition

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StarCraft II: Free Starter Edition!

Good news! Now your friends have no excuse not to try StarCraft II with you! Blizzard recently did away with the demo version of SC2 in favor of a free starter version of the game for players who want to try it out. This goes along with their recent WoW marketing move to let players have unlimited character play up to level 20. It’s an excellent move and we at NoobHero applaud Blizzard for granting the world greater access to such an amazing game.

Even if you have never tried StarCraft or any other Real Time Strategy (RTS) game, you should take advantage of this offer and give SC2 a go! Blizzard has said that you will have access to the first four campaign missions (the SC2: Wings of Liberty campaign is one of the best, if not THE best RTS campaign I’ve ever played) and four maps to play custom games against AI or with your friends!

“Q. How do I get the StarCraft II Starter Edition?”
“A. Players can simply sign up for a free at the StarCraft II Starter Edition page here, or log in to an existing account to get started.”
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Here is a link to the full blog article:


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