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Bonus Armor Exploit 90-99 in 2v2 Skirmishes

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Bonus armor for a prot warrior and other tanks gives an insane amount of attack power, and if you pick and choose gear carefully when building a 90-99 pvp set, you can do some RIDICULOUS damage. I re ...

Neverwinter PvP Changes Live!

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With no matchmaking system and huge gear discrepancies, Perfect World has implemented some changes in its most recent patch.  Huge improvements for the flawed PvP system in Neverwinter has many users ...

New SWTOR Warzone Video! -Voidstar-

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Check out the new SWTOR PvP Warzone, the Voidstar. The Voidstar is a derelict Imperial Battle Cruiser that disappeared during the Great War. The ship is believed to contain the schematics to a pow ...