We Have A Grand Tournament Release Date??

All hail the Windows clock overlord!

As a software developer, I can believe that this is a thing. It may just be a placeholder date that a developer dropped there before they picked an actual date, OR it could be the actual date (let’s assume it is). The other evidence Kripp gives further supports this theory, and this would also give Blizzard more time to run marketing and advertising efforts surrounding TGT and to reveal all 132 new cards through their facebook page and websites. We’ve still only seen roughly 25% of the new cards as of the posting of this article so that would suggest at least two more weeks until release anyway.

TL;DR Looks like the release date is somewhere around August 25th

I’m happy with that release date! This gives me a little more time to push for legend next month before the meta explodes and morphs into a competition to see who can hero power the most, and draw five King Krushes from Lock and Load.

I’ll be reviewing each and every card in the new expansion with a group of friends on stream and in Vods that will be posted here on noobhero.com (the first episode was filmed last night).

See you on battlenet!

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